Standard Machines

Side Entry Modular:

The Side Entry Modular is a modular concept for the injection molding industry. Its basis consists of a standard frame equipped with a rapid side entry, a stacker and an operation module. The machine can be further expanded, depending in the exact product needs. An example of such an expansion is the integration of  In Mold Label (IML). This modular construction method means that the machine can be entirely rebuilt to match the needs of other products. This ensures that you will not have to purchase new machines for each new product, as simply installing other modules automatically creates a machine for other products

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Industrial robots

Solutions with standard industrial robots can perfectly meet the needs of various projects. Robots might work as autonomous cells, or can be entirely integrated into machines as part of the entire solutions.
Robots are often used in applications in which speed, flexibility and reliability are the most important parameters. The combination with vision is increasing in popularity.

Examples of various applications include:

  • Product extraction from molds.
  • Putting inserts into molds.
  • Stacking products.
  • Assembling various elements.
  • Or combinations of these examples.


Tecnomatic robots

Standard solutions for product extraction from mold machines.
Product range from 50 tonnes up to 4,000 tonnes.
Robots with 3 axis.
Extra pneumatic axis .
Side entry robots.
Telescope extractors.
Freely adjustable CNC operation.
Servo engines for high speed and accuracy.
Default vacuum connections on the arm.